Outreach, Networking and Collaboration

AFG facilitates collaboration and coordination amongst member organizations by acting as a central hub of information for girls’ services and increasing member organizations’ visibility within the network. We do this by providing the following:

  • A comprehensive listing in our online Bay Area Girls Service Directory. This directory is used by nonprofits, case managers, girls, parents, individual donors, foundations and corporations.

  • Opportunities to outreach to more than 2,500 people by being featured in Alliance for Girls’ newsletter and/or leading a workshop or discussion group.

  • Prominent promotion of organizations on Alliance for Girls’ website and social media platforms

  • Access to our collaboration services. If you are looking for a partner to share back-end services or collaborate on a project, Alliance for Girls will help you find the right organization based on mutual interests and needs.

Member Feedback

100% of members reported that connecting with other girls' services organizations was the most important and useful component of their membership, and 92% of 2014 conference attendees reported having made a useful connection through AFG.