In Solidarity We Rise

by Andrea Zamora, Member of Alliance for Girls' Young Women's Leadership Board & Student.

Through my involvement with Alliance for Girls and being part of the Girls Leadership Team, I was invited to attend a conference for three days in Washington D.C. The conference called “In Solidarity We Rise: Healing, Opportunity and Justice for Girls,” was the first conference that I ever attended. It was also my first time ever being in an airplane. It was definitely a new experience and I didn’t know what to expect. I also wasn’t too sure how a conference was set up or what we were suppose to do. Throughout the whole time, I was excited about attending my first conference but I was scared of my workshop and having to present in front of others. I tend to get really nervous about saying something wrong and messing up in front of an audience. During the conference, we were able to present our work on revamping Oakland Unified School District’s sexual harassment policy and the process that it all came about from conducting research to the Girls Leadership Team to working together and transforming the policy. I felt relieved when we were done presenting and got good feedback. Along with my workshop, were other organization presenting and teaching others about their work and things they can implement if they wanted to do something alike. 

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2016 Summer Highlight: Camp Nicaragua

by Coach Bre, Shannon, and the SF Sol Coaches at Girls Leading Girls

The week of June 19, nine SF Sol players, two mothers, and three coaches jumped on a red eye flight headed to Leon, Nicaragua, where we spent a week running soccer camp sessions for over 30 girls in the nearby rural village of Goyena. The girls jumped right in during soccer camp sessions to help equip their Nicaraguan sisters with new soccer skills. It was something special to see the American girls and Nicaraguan girls interact so easily and make instant connections on the soccer field.

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Looking Ahead

by Nakia Dillard, Founder and Director of Y-LEAP

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to not only attend Alliance for Girl’s 3rd Annual Conference but to have had the amazing opportunity to speak on stage. This experience was so empowering for me as it was my first time speaking to a large crowd about Y-LEAP and the importance of investing in girls and young women. After I spoke I was surprised to get a standing ovation and to see so many people approach me afterwards. Not only did people come up to me to speak about future collaborations or to share their thoughts on my speech, people also followed up within a few weeks of the conference through Facebook, LinkedIn, and email.

Some of the manifestations that came forth after the conference included:

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A Mountain of Connection

by Kelli Finley, Development Director at One Circle Foundation

On June 25th and 26th, 52 incredible people gathered in San Pablo, California for our 2 day Girls Circle Facilitator Training. Many Alliance members or connections were in attendance along with many other dedicated folks working or raising girls in a variety of capacities around the Bay Area and beyond. Over the last 15 months, since I started at One Circle Foundation, certainly one of my favorite parts of the job is catching the last part of the trainings. On the 2nd day, everyone gathers in to small groups, and experiences circle for themselves.

I walked into the room in the afternoon on that second day and people were in every pocket of the room. Circles of five along every wall possible, double doors opening to the outside where folks were gathered in circle in the courtyard. Little pockets of the room, in the very corners, had previous strangers now gathered in circle, sharing from their hearts. The buzz was palpable and my heart was full of joy. As each person in the circle led the designated activity, it was easy to observe the concentration, the respect, the focus, the sharing.

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