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#MediaMondayTip: A Girl-Power Reading List For Middle Schoolers

by Clare Reynders, MediaGirls editorial volunteer. Originally published on Girls Leadership's blog here.


There are so many good books for middle schoolers with strong female protagonists out there to choose from! Luckily, MEDIAGIRLS has you covered. With help from Robin Brenner, the Teen Librarian at the Brookline Public Library in Brookline, MA, we’ve compiled a list of books that center around strong, smart, powerful female characters. As an extra bonus, they’re all by female authors, giving us a genuine perspective on each story.

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Book Review of Naomi Katz's Beautiful: Becoming an Empowered Young Woman

by Paulina Sicius, Public Relations Intern at Alliance for Girls

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In her book, Beautiful: Becoming an Empowered Young Woman, Naomi Katz is right: being a teenage girl is one of the most stressful things in the world. Naomi perfectly captures the anxiety associated with fitting in, cliques, alcohol and drugs, sex, and insecurities.

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