Our History


The directors of eight girl-serving organizations - About-Face, The Center for Young Women's Development (now The Young Women's Freedom Center), Dimensions Dance Theater, GirlVentures, Girls for a Change, Marsh Youth Theater, Oasis for Girls and Turning Heads - are convened by the Eva Gunther Foundation. They find that regardless of the girls they serve or the services they provide, they are all experiencing the same barriers to fully realizing their missions:

  1. A lack of support for leaders of girls' services
  2. A lack of an internal infrastructure through which organizations can share resources, collaborate, and refer girls.
  3. Girls are the last to be considered and the first to be cut, and no one was advocating for them to ensure this does not happen.
They also realize that simply working together could help them overcome these barriers to success. Alliance for Girls is founded to address these needs.


Alliance for Girls officially launches, hosting an Organizing Conference with 80 leaders from girl-serving organizations across the Bay Area. The group works together to identify individual and sector-wide needs within the framework of three programming buckets:

  1. Self-Care: Leadership development for staff of girls' services
  2. Collaboration: Prioritize the creation of an online directory of girls' services and opportunities to network with leaders of other girls' services
  3. AdvocacyCreate a unified voice strong enough to get a seat at decision-making tables and make girls' services a priority in the Bay Area


Alliance for Girls continues to develop and expand its programming.

Leadership Development: By facilitating knowledge sharing, relationship building, and training between agencies, AFG is successfully supporting and igniting the leadership of girl-serving organizations.

Collaboration: AFG has grown from seven to 100 members, enabling greater resource-sharing and collaboration. In the last three years, AFG has facilitated more than a dozen collaborations between organizations, leading to the creation of sustainable programming and expanded opportunities for girls.

Advocacy: AFG and its membership have developed a strong voice that is effectively advocating for girls and girls' services at decision-making tables, including the restoration of $340,000 to its members and the prioritization of girls and LGBTQ youth in San Francisco legislation that allots over $50 million annually for youth services.

This year, AFG received a federal grant to support the creation of partnerships between youth-serving government agencies and AFG's membership to develop policies and protocols within government systems that better meet girls' unique needs.


Three years since its official launch, AFG reached back out to its community of girls' champions to ask: What is your vision for a Bay Area that is supporting and empowering girls? What are you activated by, and ready to move the needle on, here in the Bay Area?

AFG’s 3rd Annual Conference: Building A Girls Agenda convened more than 200 leaders, including girls, to start forming a collective vision for a Bay Area that is empowering girls. Four issue areas become the focus of Alliance for Girls' efforts: media, leadership for girls, education, and health.