Alliance for Girls champions the leaders and voices that support young women and girls.


Our Mission

Alliance for Girls is strengthening leadership in the girls' service sector through research, advocacy, professional development, and collaboration. Our mission is to ensure that girl-serving organizations are more connected, more effective, and better able to prepare today's girls to be the leaders, agents of change, and thriving women of tomorrow.

Our Vision

A world where a girl's worth is determined by her mind and spirit, her body is safe and a source of joy, and the sky is her limit.

Who We Are

Alliance for Girls is the largest regional alliance of girl-serving organizations and leaders in the country. Our membership includes 100+ organizations that employ 2,400 people with more than 5,100 volunteers serving more than 300,000 girls across 6 Bay Area counties.

Our member organizations collectively support girls in a wide range of issues including education, STEM, media literacy, outdoor exploration and athletics, domestic violence, leadership skills, political participation, restorative justice, human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and physical and mental health.

Why We Exist

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most diverse, highly populated, and wealthiest regions in the nation, and it is home to more than 670,000 girls.  Despite its reputation for being a model of innovation and progress, Bay Area girls continue to face significant barriers to achievement.

In San Francisco, girls’ enrollment in computer education courses has dropped 77% in the last decade. In Oakland, only 58% of African American females graduate high school. American Indian (AI) girls are marginalized, but unlike AI in other states, most in California reside in urban areas where they are largely statistically invisible. Even more disturbing, the FBI has designated the Bay Area as one of the nation's 13 High Intensity Child Prostitution areas, the majority of victims being girls. All too often, girls' and young women's needs are ignored or the last to be considered. The need for a strong voice that can advocate on behalf of girls and a Bay Area that is laced with opportunities and resources for girls has never been greater.

Since its inception, Alliance for Girls has been catalyzing agencies and systems to work strategically, passionately, and collectively to dramatically shift gender-specific realities and to ensure that the next generation of women and girls realize their full potential.


Alliance for Girls is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (Federal Tax ID: 82-1473988).